“I could never praise Travis enough! I can share many reasons why he should be your choice but one instance stands out… I decided to sell my home in the Hollywood Hills and the previous realtor I hired wasn’t getting the job done. Travis stepped in with a brilliant game plan and a week later when I came to pick up some mail I find him in work out clothes and a shovel putting mulch on the bare spots on my yard, trimming the trees and sweeping the decks. All without me ever asking! I was blown away with the initiative. If that wasn’t enough, his marketing was so good we sold my home 3 days before the first opening house at $15k over asking price! He will be my realtor for life. He’s a great person, a great communicator, a great real estate agent and through working together has actually become a friend.”

– Manny M.

 “I was absolutely blown away by Travis. I had my home on the market for 6 months with another realtor, then Travis stepped in and he generated for me an offer ABOVE asking within days. Absolutely a miracle worker. His marketing is head and shoulders above the rest. He did a drone tour of my house which people are still talking about to this day (and I still show it off). Since then I have recommended them to family, friends and neighbors and they are constantly talk about how hard he works.”

– Michelle W.

 “Travis helped me out with a purchase of an investment property back in late 2015. The property was far from where I was living and not easy to go see. He consistently went above and beyond in making sure I had all the relevant pictures, rental data, inspections, etc for the property to make an informed decision. Even after the purchase as I had an issue with a contractor, Travis took care of that situation to make my life easier. I’ve made multiple property purchases and there is not another more knowledgeable, but mainly hard working and honest agent available. I highly recommend Travis Canby and hope I have to the opportunity to work with him again.”

– Richard N.

“OMG! Best real estate agent ever! My fiancée and I were looking to purchase our first home. We had no idea what we were doing and didn’t know anything about real estate agents. We tried two real estate agents before we tried Travis. I guess third time is the charm. The first two real estate agents did not want to communicate with us and we felt that they were serving their high end clients before us. Travis made us feel really comfortable and was super professional. He was really genuine and really felt like he was working for you. There were times I felt sorry for him because I thought we would never find a home. But he was really patient and optimistic. I highly recommend Travis as your real estate agent because he’s not only an agent but makes you feel like family. Now we’re happy with are beautiful historical Tudor home that he found us. Also, wanted to add that the sweetest thing he did was leaving a bottle of champagne and a welcome card in our new home when we opened the door for the first time. We literally have a soft spot for Travis.”

– Marynes K.

“Travis is that rare realtor who really works for his client and fights for their best interests. He sold our place for us and  expertly employed resources that best marketed the property, securing the best offer possible. During every step of the process he was in constant communication with us and we were always updated on whatever changes popped up during the transaction, which was definitely welcomed and helped alleviate any anxiety, which naturally would come up with any big transaction like that. If you want a realtor that is 100% on your side, Travis and his equally fantastic associate Judith are the team that will go above and beyond for you.”

– Lawrence & Vincent

“Most agents I’ve dealt with in the past were very typical agents. They placed a sign in my yard and crossed their fingers hoping my home would sell. Travis was the complete opposite. I’ve honestly never had an agent work on my property day in and day out. He has a relentless mindset and sold our home for 9k over asking! We actually thought we were priced too high! It really does help to have a strong agent guiding you. I can highly recommended Travis Canby as your real estate agent.”

– Micheal G.

“Travis is AWESOME!!!  What a pleasure is was working with him.  From the beginning to the end of the sale of my rental property.  It was challenging for him I know, he had to get a half bath permitted with the City of Carson (not easy to deal with) but he worked his butt off on this sale and if paid off.  He dealt with the City of Carson, Planners, Engineers, Architect….but got the bathroom permitted.  He had a quite a drive to the property that he made numerous times from the LA area to Carson.  The whole experience was great, his marketing, knowledge and most of all he’s just a nice person!  We had one open house on a Sunday and the offers (32) started coming in that day…. went into a 30 day escrow right away and it was such a great experience, I felt so comfortable with Travis and the best part we ended up selling the house for $61,000 over list price!!!  I would highly recommend Travis if you are in the market to buy or sell.”

– Shelly O.

“Mr. Travis Canby recently sold one of my investment properties in Tehachapi California. In my 45 years of experience, in buying and selling Real Estate, as an investor, this was by far the smoothest transaction I have had when doing a 1031 Exchange. Mr. Canby went above and beyond the normal duty of a Realtor in order to “make it happen”. I am extremely happy with the outcome which, without his expertise and hard work, would have been impossible to achieve. I can highly recommend Mr. Canby to be your Realtor.”

– Ms. Mildred D.

“He sold our property in 11 days! Once again, 11 days! We love you Travis!”

– John & Katherine 

“I had a job transfer from Atlanta to Los Angeles and was scared to death. I didn’t have a clue about the city nor where I was going to live. My friend told me to look up (#TallTravis) on Facebook and it was flooded with his good deeds. I reached out and we met for coffee and he walked me through a plan of attack. He promised me he would always be available and wouldn’t let me make a mistake. He kept his word. Travis kept me in line every step of the way. He even called up moving companies for me ( in Atlanta!) and got the best quote! Moving was a breeze and I will never use another agent. In my eyes, he is the best.” 

– Mr. Jesse P.

“My move from Palm Springs to Los Angeles became easier knowing that I had someone in my corner working tirelessly to help me find the right apartment in the big city. My Palm Springs realtor referred Travis to me and I was immediately impressed. Travis always checked in, updated me every step of the way. When we found a few apartments that I liked, he was able to get me in to view them effortlessly – all while I resided two hours away.  Travis finally found me THE place in Westwood and because I trusted his judgement and professionalism, I decided to rent the apartment based only on the videos he sent me from his viewing of the property. The apartment has been a great choice because it is close to my job and everything else that I am loving about Los Angeles. Travis went above and beyond ensuring that the landlord’s realtor compensated me for cleaning when the apartment was not received clean as well as helping me with some move-in day challenges. He treated me with respect and I felt like I was purchasing a million-dollar listing! Travis is simply the best when it comes to realtors.  I am looking forward to working with him again in the future and hopefully he’ll help find my future homes.”

– Bardu & Russell

“Our experience with Travis Canby at Compass was exceptional. We first met Travis at an open house that he was hosting. The reason we went to this open house without a real estate agent was because we had two bad experiences with other agents that supposedly wanted to represent us. The first agent we found on Redfin. She did not have time for us, let alone to meet us in person. Our second agent continued to lie and told us, the home we were interested in had an offer. One week later we saw an open house on the same home.  So, we decided to ditch our real estate agent and go to the open house. This was our first encounter with Travis, the tallest guy in the room,  hosting the open house. His bubbly and friendly personality was very inviting. We decided to give him a call and have him represent us. This was the start of an awesome journey in finding our first home! Travis invited us to go over a plan of attack in finding our first home. His office was professional and very modern looking. He sat us down and had a list of questions for us. So, he can get an idea of what we were looking for in a home. He also walked us through the process on home buying. We left his office feeling comfortable and positive that we we’re going to find our home in this crazy market. Not even a day later and Travis was texting us about homes in areas we were interested in living. We didn’t experience this level of aggressive compassion before and not when looking for a home. This is important because in today’s market homes are selling within days after they are listed. Travis was really responsive. It was crazy because I could text him at anytime of the day and he would text me back faster than some of my friends. He would get responses on listings very fast, sometimes even immediately after we had spoken. The hunt for our first home was on. We thought this process was going to be easy.  It wasn’t easy but with Travis as our agent he would tell us to keep level headed and  forward and “be engaged in the process – not attached to the outcome”. That always stuck with me. There were times when listing agents were not so helpful. There was this one time we were interested in a house and Travis kept trying his hardest to reach out to the listing agent named Marvin. Through numerous calls, emails, voice-mails and text messages Marvin finally responded after 4 days. He claims he was busy and the home was already off the market. I can’t believe they’re real estate agents like Marvin out there. We thought this was the only real estate agent with an issue. Thank God we had Travis as our agent and we found another house that we wanted to put an offer on. He reached out to Louis, another listing agent who told Travis, he didn’t want to show the home until the open house the following week. Possibly to get a bidding war started. We showed up to the open house and we nicknamed this house “The Purple House”. This house was Laker purple from the outside and the inside. They had closed curtains, completely blocking out the light, it made it feel like a dungeon. Thank God Travis was there. He was the only real estate agent that spoke up about how dark it was and demanding the curtains be open. Finally we got to see the true colors of the home and I do not mean purple. We decided to make an offer on this house anyway because of the location. Louis the listing agent did not respond on our offer, he told us he was waiting for other offers to come in. What a jerk! Travis kept bugging him to make a decision so we can move forward. Finally they took a cash offer and we were left in the dust. Travis motivated us and explained it was not meant to be and we would find something better. I can’t believe the dedication in Travis. After three months and numerous declined offers. Travis held a meeting with us and he told us he would dedicate a whole week to us. Also, he promised he would find us a house that week. We were doubtful but felt reassured by him. We went to his office and printed out numerous listings that we went to go see that week. We must have seen over five homes a day. Our plan of attack was to put multiple offers on multiple listings. There was an house in particular that my girlfriend thought we would not get since it was at the top our budget. Travis wasn’t so doubtful and took us to go see it anyway. Unfortunately it was raining that day. Poor Travis was underneath the rain getting soaked trying to open this weird supra lock code. While this was happening another seller’s agent showed up asking why we were there. Travis told the agent we had an appointment during this time. He was of no help and did not know how to open the lock box. Eventually Travis propped it open and we walked into an amazing 1920’s Tudor home. This house was gorgeous and we instantly fell in love with it. We shortly made an offer, which was accepted the next day. Just like Travis said, he found us our home that week. He was with us during the whole escrow and closing process. He was always calling us and making sure everything was okay. It was so crazy we moved in days before Christmas. When we finally got our keys and opened the door, Travis left us a beautiful welcoming card and a beautiful bottle of champagne. This guy will go beyond your expectations. We are so happy to have found an awesome real estate agent and a new friend.”

– Stephen K.